Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ocean Park!!!

A few weeks ago, our little family headed up to Ocean Park, WA to hang out with my brother and sister-in-law. It was a quick, 2 day trip, but oh so much fun! We packed a lot into those 2 days!
 LOTS of pickle ball was played! Such a fun game. Even Lily and Jameson loved playing it!
 Lily didn't have to wear her helmet to play :) She was riding her scooter and left it on!
 Yup, me and my giant prego belly played as well! I was quite a show!!!
 Swinging on the swings at the camp
 Walked down to the beach. Uncle Joel is playing with Lily!
 Jameson LOVED the beach this year! Finally! He has hated it the last few times we have gone. It was a bit windy on this day, so he preferred to sit in my lap :)
Lily wanted to be buried in the sand! Uncle Joel and Auntie Katie did a great job at doing this for her!
 More playing!
Snuggling with daddy while watching pickle ball :)
 2 days with no naps = a very sleepy Jameson! We were waiting to eat dinner and I just sat him on my lap. He fell asleep immediately and used my belly as his pillow! This hasn't happened since he was a baby! I loved it. Although, after him being this way for 30 minutes I had to wake him up!
 And nothing like finishing up the trip with motorized scooter rides with Uncle Joel!
We had such a BLAST and love visiting the camp up there! Not sure when we'll go next with a new baby, but hopefully not too far away! :)
And here's my giant belly at 36 weeks! This was taken last Friday so technically I'm 36 1/2 weeks now :) Had our last ultrasound last Friday and baby is measuring just under 6 lbs. My Dr. thinks when he's born that he'll weigh around 8 or 8 1/2 lbs. I'm thinking he'll weigh closer to 9 lbs!! Anyone want to make a guess?!!! Just 3 more weeks and this boy will be here! Can't wait!! I'm definitely in the "nesting" mode and wanting his room done asap. It's getting close and just needing AJ's help with some things :) When it's done I'll be sure to post pictures! I just hope these next weeks fly by!!!!