Monday, July 14, 2008

Feeling HOT

This weather is killing me! I love the summertime, but I'm a girl who likes it when it's about 78 degrees and not 100!! It's so draining, and I'm sweaty, and probably stinky, and who wants to cook in this weather? But praise the Lord we have air conditioning! I think I'd die if we didn't! We are surviving, and so is Lily-thank goodness. She loves using her kiddie pool outside and we recently let her play in the sprinkler. That's a lot of fun too! We have this great water park like 10 minutes from us. Meaning it's an actual park with a playground and then they have this area with these spray fountain thingys (like the pictures on my Eagle Crest post) and they turn the water on in the summer and the kiddos play and get wet and scream happily. We went there the other day with some friends from church, and while their boys were having fun Lily was a bit leery. She would walk around the fountains but wouldn't want to get wet-must've been scary for her. I'd hold her close to them and she'd put her arm through the water but that's about it. I'm hoping by the end of the summer she'll be one of those kids running in it! I'll need to take pictures next time.

Another thing we did this past weekend was get to meet up with an old childhood friend. When I lived in Washington back in the day (4Th grade to be exact) I had a best friend who lived down the street from us. Her name is Tiffany and I actually moved after that school year. We kept in touch probably until middle school, but basically I was lazy and unmotivated to write her letters. (I know, terrible friend I am!) Anyway, we found each other again through the wonderful world of blogging! She has family in town and they were here this past weekend and we got to meet again after so long! Her husband Chris and adorable little baby girl Norah where with her. I took Lily and AJ and we sat at the park, in the shade, and chatted away. It was so much fun to catch up and visit and see the girls interact. Lily needs to work on sharing that's for sure! She was taking toys left and right away from Norah-who is 9 months old. But the best part of this story is she has the exact same last name as me!! Her married name is Tiffany Acker! But they pronounce it like "acre" where we pronounce Acker like as in "cracker". Make sense? Small world! I think that's the craziest thing ever.

Isn't she adorable?! I love those cheeks!

Lily kept walking up to her and would smile and kind laugh-hard to tell in this photo but she's smiling at her I promise!

Norah playing with Lily's shoe. Lily wasn't so thrilled about that. Sharing needs to be learned :)

Norah has Lily's shoe and Lily has Norah's shoe! Everyone's happy now!

I was trying so hard to get her to smile! This is a face I've seen quite often lately. She's got a tough little side to her!

Tiffany and I and our girls! Can you guess who Lily got her rosy cheeks from?! Thanks for taking time out of your weekend to hang out with us Tiffany! We had a great time!


Would you take a look at this girl? She looks so OLD to me! She turned 17 months yesterday and my mom got her this outfit and she just had to wear it to church because it's so cute. It took me forever to put her hair in pigtails too. She's so quick now that she can walk! It makes me kinda sad that she's growing so fast! Where did time go?!!


pfnisterfam said...

Well, you can call me a blog stalker too, because I was reading yours just the other day too, because I saw it on Anna's. :) I don't mind if you add my blog to yours...if you don't mind if I do you can see as of now, I only know of the Steiners who have a blog. :) Lily is so, so cute...she really does look like a little lady in the one picture of her you said she looked so much older in. :) They grow up so fast don't they??

Family of 5 said...

Love the neew pics! THANKS for finally posting a new one, I was getting bored reading the same one over and over! :) hehe! Great run's too stinkin' hot though in here I wish we had AC through the WHOLE house not just in the one bedroom! Maybe that's why our kids aren't sleeping great...oh wait that's right they don't sleep good even when it is cool in the house! :) Sigh...just a phase I hope! Anyways, those are great pictures what a beautiful girl Lily Mae is! We love her dearly! And you guys too! THanks for being a great friend!

girl said...

I love the pictures! LIly is so beautiful!! Sorry you're hating the heat. Go to Florida for 10 months and experience that nasty heat and humidity, then this will feel wonderful! :) Just kidding - I wouldn't want to subject anyone to that...

Palmer Family said...

oh my goodness Lily is sooo cute! I will definitely let you know next time I am in town:) I wish I new already when I would be back again! I would love to meet your sweet girlie too! Are allergies getting any better in OR yet??