Thursday, July 3, 2008

Play date Fun!

Lily had her good friend Zoe come over last week for a little play date. They always have so much fun together since they are so close in age (Zoe's 4 mon. older). And her mom, Tara, is pregnant with twin girls!! So fun! Anyway, I offered to take Zoe for a couple hours to give Tara a break or to run errands or sleep! The girls chased each other all over the house-it's so much better now that Lily can walk! And then they'd scream happily and chase each other some more. It's so fun and it makes me excited for Lily to be a big sister someday.

Chasing each other. Lily's trying hard to keep up with Zoe-she's not quite fast enough!

Zoe looking so adorable and so smiley!

She's still adorable in my eyes even if she doesn't smile!Reading books! Or destroying Lily's neatly placed books in her cubby. Oh well-I can handle it! :) They're just so cute together as little friends. And Lily's at that phase of her life when she clings to me when I take her to the nursery at church and starts to cry, but when she sees Zoe she's fine! Hope they're friends forever!

Happy 4th of July!