Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Andrea and Jeff's Wedding!

I'm going to finally post wedding pictures from this last weekend! There are a lot, so hang in there!
We started off the weekend with the rehearsal at the Oregon Garden in Silverton. It was HOT outside! And the best part was that it only took 1 hour! Lily just ran around and my dad was the official Lily watcher for the rehearsal and wedding (My mom was the wedding coordinator because both of our families are great friends-Andrea's mom (who is also AJ's!) and my mom hooked me and AJ up! So we go way back!) Anyway, it went well and then we headed off to Jeff's parents' house for a backyard BBQ. They had the best pulled pork, tons of salads, and delicious berry cobbler! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so there are no pictures of that day. Friday morning we met Andrea and the rest of the bridesmaids at a local salon and all got our hair done. It was so fun-I love getting my hair done for special occasions! Barb (my mother-in-law) had lunch brought in from a local deli so we just hung out, ate, and got pampered! So much fun!

Andrea getting her hair done.

The yummy food!

The finished product! Isn't she beautiful?

Sister-in-laws! And yes, I'm not wearing makeup! Don't judge me please :) I loved my hair so much and I'm so mad that I didn't get a picture of it from the back! The gal did an amazing job considering my hair is so short! It was great! After hair we all drove over to the Gardens to start getting ready. By the time we got there it was 2:30 and the wedding didn't start until 7 pm. But pictures were at 4:30 so we had some time to relax and get ready.

Barb getting her makeup done. Doesn't she look beautiful too?!

And the bride getting her makeup done

Some of the bridesmaids chatting and relaxing before the ceremony

And Lily hanging out eating some snacks. I was waiting until the last possible second to put her pretty dress on-I didn't want her messing it up!

And the guys hanging out in a separate room-eating of course :)

The wedding ceremony was outside in the garden, but the reception was in this great big hall. Andrea is a fantastic decorator and she planned/did all of this! Well, she got people to set it up for her! :) Half of the tables looked like this one...

And the other half were like this. As a party favor, there were these horns at each setting and as her and Jeff walked in the room, we all blew them! It was fun!

The amazing cake table!

A close up of one of the cakes and their toasting glasses.

The room (well, half of it!) all lit up and beautiful!

All finished getting ready! She was so beautiful and I know I keep saying that, but she really is!

All the bridesmaids (minus me, I'm taking the picture!) right before we're ready to go out!
So, I have no pictures of the wedding because I was in it, and my mom was coordinating it, and my dad was watching Lily, and my sister and husband were in it, so that left no one else to take pictures! You'll just have to trust me that it was beautiful and there were about 400 people there and Lily did amazingly well! She had a melt down right (inside a room thankfully!) but I think it's because she was tired of being stuck in that room and wanted to get out and explore! She walked with me down the aisle, but would pause every couple of rows to say "hi" to the guests! I'm dead serious! It was adorable! She had a little wand that she carried with her and waved it around and she was just being so adorable. I can't wait to see the wedding video! AJ and I sang "Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts, my brother sang a couple of songs, and my mom even did one too! Very musical wedding :)

I love this picture-especially with Lily's juice cup in the background! Oh the joys of parenthood :)

This picture doesn't do Lily justice on how cute she was. I totally forgot to get a picture of her standing with her cute little flower headband on, with her wand and everything. Here she is with my grandma looking pretty wiped out! But it gives you an idea of her dress! She was so cute on the dance floor too. She would just bop her head up and down, and she'd do this jumping thing where she'd bend her legs and kinda squat. Hard to explain, but so adorable! My parents were so gracious in watching her all day long while I was doing the bridesmaid thingy and AJ being a groomsmen, and then they took her back to our house to put her to bed so AJ and I could stay at the reception until the end! We didn't get home until 12:15am! WOW!

My beautiful sister and my dad!

The siblings: My younger brother Joel, me, and my older sister Leandra. Father/daughter dance-they were so cuteAnd Andrea and Jeff's first dance

Cutting the cake...And eating the cake!And the brothers giving a toast-and giving Jeff a hard time! It was all in fun though!

I'm quite sad this wedding is over! It's been so much fun helping do wedding stuff, run wedding errands, shop for dresses, etc. And it was such a big weekend that right after it's kind of a let down! So while we're here moping around, they are off in Hawaii! I wish I was there! :) Congratulations Jeff and Andrea!!


Unknown said...

Beauful evening. I wonder if anyone else has a pic of Lily's dress and hair. Check with Beth B. She was snapping away all night.

Daisha said...

Looks amazing! You all looked so beautiful.

Wendy said...

It was a great night, one of the best weddings ever and the food was GREAT! I just found your blog and I have really loved reading it. Check mine out if you wanna - - I just started it this week and I'm already addicted :)

Family of 5 said...

It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding! I wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy the rest of the festivities! you all were BEAUTIFUL! What gorgeous ladies!