Sunday, July 20, 2008

Parenting scares me!

I'm very scared. Lily isn't even 1 1/2 and already we are having disciplining issues! What's it going to be like when she enters her "tween" years of 10-12? Or even when she's a teenager?! I'm not having second thoughts about being a parent, but raising our daughter is making me nervous! I want to raise her and bring her up in the Lord. I want her to know who her Savior is and that she would do things with a right heart, mind, attitude. I want my child to be a child of God, who desires to live her life for Him. I know she's too young to understand who Jesus is and what He did for her, but I pray she would come to know Him as her Savior someday! Then when she's old enough we can talk about and hopefully she'll understand what it means to disobey us and that it doesn't make God happy, and that she needs to say she's sorry, etc. But she only says a total of 10 words! And in the meantime it means we get to be stern and consistent in the ways we discipline her. Lately she's been into this hitting thing. What?! Where does she learn this stuff? It's not like we hit her in the face or even that she watches t.v. to learn it from! I just have to remember she's a sinner like us all and her sin nature is coming out! And to not put her in situations where she would be vulnerable (like when she's tired and cranky and over stimulated, I know that she could go off like a bomb so I need to just put her in her crib!) I realize I'm making her sound like this evil, devil child, but she's not I promise. She really is a good baby. I'm just seeing less of the baby stage and more of the terrible "2's"-and she's not even 2! This whole thing just makes me realize that I need to be in God's Word daily, in prayer daily and praying for a calm, peaceful heart that knows how to deal with my child. And to pray for my patience too! I know God will give me/us strength in raising her if I let Him! I truly am thankful for my daughter and the joy she brings me everyday. That she learns new things everyday too! How she says "woof woof" when she sees our dog Charlie, how she says "mom" now when she sees me, how she follows me around the house carrying her baby and blankie, and how she lays her head on my shoulder with her arm wrapped tightly around my neck when she's sleepy. Oh it makes me melt inside! I love her and am so thankful for the gift she is to us!

An oldie but a goodie :) Isn't she adorable?! I love her despite her acting out ways! :)


Daisha said...

I love the things you wrote. She sounds like a normal toddler to me, hitting and all! It's hard to raise these special gifts that Heavenly Father sent down to us, but it's the greatest thing in the world huh?! She's adorable. Let's get together again . . . late Aug or Sept.

pfnisterfam said...

I know completely how you feel! I'm going through that now, and it started about the time Hannah was Lily's age too. All that you wrote was really good...I constantly pray and ask God for the patience, because its so easy to run out of it, and then they sense it too! And I wonder how she learns to do the hitting thing too...and sometimes she acts almost like she really dislikes me...I know she doesn't but its just her attitude sometimes. We just have to hang in there...hopefully soon they will grow out of it! :)

Kaytee said...

I think you and Lily need to come visit me over here in Utah and then I'll talk some sense into her. I trying to find jobs doing child therapy, you know. :o)
But seriously, you should read some articles or books on child development because they help explain why little kids act out the way they do. I've read a lot for my different classes and it is really interesting and kind of explains how some type of acting out in needed for the social and emotional development of children. It won't always chaneg Lily's behavior but it helps you understand her a bit better. It has helped me understand my clients better and my niece too. :o)
Not to preach or anything, I know I'm not a parent, but I'm just really into child development. :o)

Amber said...

I am totally with you on this one...scary! Jack hasnt gotten to the "hitting" phase but he has been saying NO to me for awhile now and it freaks me out! I have heard though that it is all normal for their development and socially. They will grow out of the phase we just have to keep being good mommies and give them lots of love!!!!! :)
We still need to get together soon! :)

Family of 5 said...

You are a GREAT mom! It is scary being a parent...but it's sooo great too! I'm always praying for you friend! Keep praying for Lily too! God will give you the strength daily! Love ya!