Tuesday, July 1, 2008

War Wounds

Since Lily has been walking she's encountered a few more table corners, cupboard doors and door frames than she'd like to have.

It's kinda hard to tell in this photo, but she's got a mark on her forehead from accidentally running into a file cabinet in AJ's office here at home, and then there's the mark on the lower left side of her chin from just falling into our bedroom door frame. And the slight scratch between her nose and top lip that reminds me of someone like Scar Face (not sure if that's an actual character or the name of a movie, but the picture in my head is someone with a fatty scar from their nose to their lip!) also came from a fall from who knows where. This poor girl is getting beat up! I'm happy to report this all happened yesterday and today you can't even tell! Phew! The sad thing is I'm sure we'll be seeing LOTS more war wounds too!


Amber said...

It makes you feel so bad seeing the bumps and bruises huh?! Jack does the same thing and right now has the yuckiest bruise on his forehead. We want them to walk so bad but the walking always leads to more falls! Oh well...I guess it goes with the growing up! I got him See Kai Run shoes...they come in wide and extra wide and are very flexible. I tried the striderite on him as well but they just didnt fit well. The Pediped are nice too!

Family of 5 said...

It's just begun! I feel for ya! I hate when they run into things...it's like HELLO...what do you think you were doing? :):) hehe! Just today in the fitting room , Micah was bouncin' around and fell into the lil stook and hit his head smack in the middle of his forehead and has a huge line and bump going down it, you'll see it tonight! ;) Never ending!

Unknown said...

Welcome to the age of distruction. Many bumps and bruises and cuts. At this age they are all over the place getting into things and there is no reasoning with them - like "don't touch that, it might break". It is quite a challenge. Keep up the good work. You're a great mom!!!