Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A week after Jameson turned 1, our church had a baby dedication. What's a baby dedication you ask? Well, it's basically a public declaration that we (as Jameson parents) accept the responsibilities before God and our church to raise him in the ways of God by guiding him to the Word and by being a living example in our Christian walk. (And yes, I took that information from the Certificate that the church made. I'm cool like that :) Anyway, we did this with Lily too when she was a baby.
How cute is he?! I just love his fake tuxedo shirt and his belly sticking out! Here he is watching the praise team sing some songs.
Not the closest picture, but you get the idea! :)

I tried to nudge AJ to look at the camera, but he didn't. Oh well.

Most of the whole family! We missed AJ's brother and sister in this one!

Ah, I love his pin-striped pants too! Thanks to my mom for purchasing this outfit for him!
We love our little man! And you better believe I put some gel in his hair to make it curly!
I just had to include some almost naked pictures of him too. These were taken right after a bath one night and he was just being too funny and making the most silly faces. He kinda looks like a sumo wrestler to me!!
He stands really well on his own, but has yet to take any steps on his own! I think he wants to walk, he just doesn't have the motivation to do it. He is definitely fast at crawling though!

Gosh, I LOVE his curly, red hair after a bath! I so wish it would stay curly when it's dry, but it doesn't! And this boy turned 13 months last weekend! He's usually his happy self when we're out and about, but at home he has turned into quite the whiner! It's driving me nuts. He has this weird scream/cry he does when he's trying to get our attention. It sounds like a combination between a screeching bird and a Whistling Pete firecracker. Doesn't that sound like a joy to listen to?! Well, if you're curious as to what it sounds like in real life, just come to our house between 3pm and 5pm. That's usually when he's grabbing at my legs while I'm trying to get dinner ready and all the while making that sound. Awesome. But, I still love this boy SO much-even if he's a loud, bird screeching, Whistling Pete boy! :)


paulashley said...

Lol, aww the crawling stage! And it seemed like being mobile would help them be happy, but all it helps them to do is follow you!! I'm sorry, It really is annoying when you are trying to cook! Have you tried giving him pots and pans, or tupperware?

I LOVE that kid's tummy!! I started laughing out loud as soon as I scrolled to the diaper picture :) ANd the little tux- adorable :)

Elaina said...

He's such a cute chub! Tyler is starting to do the whiney, scream thing too and during the same hours. It must be their age. Hopefully it's a shortlived stage!

Bonnie said...

Wow, I thought your little boy was mine in that first picture! Mine will turn one on December 21st. He has red, curly hair too!

Bonnie :)