Monday, December 27, 2010


As we got ready to celebrate Christ's birth on Christmas day, I got a devastating call that my good friend, Beth, had passed away. I've known Beth for as long as I can remember. She was such a fun youth group leader I got to have. She was a servant who loved the Lord, she desired to share the Gospel with those that didn't know Christ personally, and she had the sweetest, most kindest heart. Beth had a great smile and would laugh so easily when I was being weird and most likely being obnoxious towards her! She was easy going too. But, what I remember the most about her, is no matter how she was feeling or what was going on with her life, she lived for the Lord. She gave Him glory and praised Him no matter what she was going through. She was such a great teacher and leader to me while I was in the youth group. And as I grew up and out of youth group, she was still a great friend to me. As my heart filled with sadness and mourning on Christmas day, I needed to remember that while we were here on earth celebrating Christ's birthday, Beth got to say happy birthday to Jesus' face in Heaven!

My sweet Bethers. Here she is as our cabin leader when our youth group went on mission trips to Mexico. The left picture is when I was a junior (I think!) and the right one is when I was a senior. She was brave for putting up with us crazy girls! I specifically remember one night seeing a GIANT (I'm not kidding!!) icky, weird looking bug/creature. All of us girls were freaking out-except for Beth! She was the calm one. She bravely got a broom and smacked the bug creature out of our cabin. She was our hero! :)
Beth was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding, so she got to be a part of all those fun activities! Here we all are at PF Changs.

Beth is in front row with the hat. She has the best smile!

Oh Beth. I miss you so much already. I still can't believe that you are gone and I won't get to see you anymore. But, this I do know: I can cling to the promise and hope that you are in Heaven! You are pain free and worshipping God! And you've left such a great legacy behind. Thank you for your great example of truly living for and serving our Great God. I look forward to seeing you again in Heaven! Love you Beth.


Princess Jessie Pants said...

Amanda, I'm so sorry for your loss. What a sweet tribute to her that you've written. I will be praying for her family & friends during this difficult time.