Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Little Singer

A couple of weeks ago, Lily finally got to participate in the pee-wee choir at church! I had been waiting for this since she was born! I'm pretty sure I was more excited than she was! They had to learn 3 songs; Go Tell it on the Mountain, Jesus Loves Me, and Love Came Down at Christmas. She knew the songs and seemed to have lots of fun performing!
Practicing before going on stage. They are singing "Jesus loves me" and they had hand motions for the song. This is when they were singing "they are weak but He is strong." Too cute!
She has such a serious face while performing-but the other kids do too!

Lily with some of her friends from church. I love all the Christmas dresses!
Lily did wave to me as soon as she sat down on the stage. And at one point during one of the songs, she kept turning around and staring at some of the boys behind her right in the middle of the song! Oh well. It wasn't that distracting :) She seemed to have a lot of fun and was pooped after it was all said and done. They performed before the kids production (1st-5th grade kids) on Saturday night and then before 2 services on Sunday morning. Both her and I were exhausted on Sunday afternoon! But it was worth it!


Family of 5 said...

They were all so cute!!! So fun to see all the little girls dressed up!! :)