Friday, December 3, 2010


Yup, I'm a lazy blogger! I've just been busy and haven't made the time to put anything new on here! But I've got some fun pictures to share from our recent adventure to Klamath Falls! AJ's sister and her husband, Andrea and Jeff, recently moved from Salem to K. Falls because Jeff got a new job. We were sad to see them go when they lived only 3 minutes away from us! But, thankfully 4ish hours isn't that far away!

Well, 4ish hours is far away if you're a 3 1/2 year old who needs to go potty right now! Our motto is, "have potty chair, will travel." The beautiful lake as you are heading into K. Falls. Wish I knew the name of it! It's probably called Klamath Lake or something like that :)
Us girls went to a fun little shop and Lily was loving this little apron.
It was such a beautiful weekend while we were there so we took advantage of it and went to this awesome park near Jeff and Andrea's house! It had tons of play equipment that all of us (including the adults!) enjoyed!
Jameson loving the swings
The GORGEOUS view from the park.
So, there was this play rock wall at the park. Personally, I think it's kinda dangerous for a park with kids, but, that's just me! Well, Andrea and I thought it'd be fun to climb it and have our picture taken.
Then I got the not-so-bright idea to climb over the other side of the rock. Let's just say I'm not as young as I used to be! I couldn't find any foot holes to put my feet into and I got stuck. I basically dropped to the ground while laughing with embarrassment!
Auntie Andrea with Lily!

Andrea and I "playing" some more. By the way, my arms were SUPER sore the next day from doing this! Man, I'm out of shape!
I love my Lily Mae!
I love AJ. He's the BEST daddy! After the park, we drove to the Running Y, a resort in K. Falls, to look around. Of course the kids had to try that playground out too!
Jeff took all of those pictures-he's quite the photographer!
Uncle Jeff being silly with Lily!
Bath time!
We also got to visit the school where Andrea teaches because they were having a carnival. We had such a great time and look forward to going again since they have lots of snow now!


Jill said...

Hi Amanda, I'm just stalking your blog through Anna's :) My husband went to OIT and he said yes, it is Klamath Lake! :)

paulashley said...

How fun that you guys got to go down there! It looks so beautiful!

Hehehe, i had a "getting old" moment this week too, after carrying a skinny little middle schooler on my shoulders at Cause. I could barely turn my head that night! Hate that!

Family of 5 said...

How did I miss this post?? ANyways, what a fun time you guys had! and I love the picture of you getting stuck climbing over the wall! That got a laugh!! Love it!! And love you two girlies acting like well lil school girls! :)