Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Great Christmas Tree Adventure

Ok, so I realize the last post and this one both start off with Lily peeing!!! I just think it's hilarious and I have to document this time in her life. She'll thank me, er, hate me later! :) We had quite the adventure to get our Christmas tree this year. We usually make my sister go with us, but her and her husband opted not to since it was pouring out. Good decision. We loaded up the gang and went to our favorite, cheap tree farm! Again, it was POURING out. We had put off getting the tree for a few days and both realized it was now or never. I was just praying we'd get enough of a break in the rain to go hunt for a tree. Anyway, as we're driving around the big tree farm, Lily says, "I have to go potty." Of course she does. We try to distract her and kept talking up how fun it was going to be to get a tree. It didn't work. She had to go potty NOW. And this time we didn't have the potty chair with us for some odd reason. So, we sat her on the side rail of our car and let her do her thing. Or so we thought!

She really did try to go. Do you think I'm weird that I keep taking pictures of my daughter going to the bathroom?! But really, look at the concentration on her face. She really did try!
After the potty incident, we headd out to find the perfect tree. And look! It stopped raining! Praise Jesus! Since my sister didn't go, AJ isn't in the family picture this year. Yup, that's a guilt trip on you Leandra! J/k :)

After finding our tree, we put the kids in the car to play so I could help . . . who am I kidding? I mean watch AJ cut down the tree. As we're outside, I hear Lily yelling from the car, "I have to go potty now!" I helped her do her business and she went! That girl is a pro. The other incident was Jameson fell while in the car and bumped his head on the door. My bad. We were parked at a slight incline and he must've lost his balance and fell against the door. He was ok and everything, but I felt horrible.
I had to document that AJ really was there. See?
Jameson loved playing with those lights! Or maybe I just wanted a cute picture of him with lights so I kinda wrapped them around his body. Or maybe not. I guess you'll never know. :)
Ta-Da!! AJ and I take turns on the color of lights that go on the tree. I'm a sucker for white lights. I love them. They are classy, elegant, and pretty! AJ loves colored lights. We were super smart in figuring out how to eliminate arguing by taking turns early on in our marriage on what lights to use. Yay, go us! This year was my turn and it makes me so happy to see my white lights on the tree. In AJ's defense, he really wouldn't care what lights ended up on the tree. He would do what makes me happy. Isn't he the best? But, I feel bad, so I gotta let him have fun too.
Geesh, this is the weirdest blog post I've ever written. I'm thinking it might be one of those things where I write something and it sounds really funny in my head, but when I wake up tomorrow and go back and read this, I'm sure I'll be saying, "Did I really post that for the whole world to see?" Yup. Oh well.
Anyway, that was our Great Christmas Tree Adventure! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about it!


Erin said...

awesome! I think we went on the same day to get our tree. We were out in the rain, but it was worth it! I love the yearly search for the tree. Cute post! :)

Mikaela said...
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Mikaela said...

So jealous of the real tree-it is so embarrassing to admit that I am from Oregon and have a fake one-but someday. Love the end of the post where you talk about reading it later and thinking you were crazy. I am pretty sure I have that experience after every post I do!

Connie said...

Oh seeing the pics of Lily peeing bring me back in time! I remember being at a park that had no bathrooms and having to take Hailey behind a bush and hold her while she peed. After that I didn't even need the potty chair, I was a pro at how to hold her so she wouldn't get it all over! You can look forward to Jameson potty training, much easier! Ethan used to just open the van door and pee outside!

Enough about pee! You're tree looks gorgeous! I love white lights too!

paulashley said...

so fun :) great idea taking turns with lights- we have the same issue- Paul is very much into the colored lights and i look forward to the day we can get a secondary christmas tree that I can decorate!

the pee pics crack me up :)

and the crazy post- me too. although I was smiling at how much energy you seemed to have :)