Thursday, May 8, 2008

Missing Cat!

Seriously, 2 days after I post about my cats I look on craigslist for fun (and to see if this so-called family is giving away the cats we gave them are on there) and what do I see but a big old headline reading "Missing black cat with white on chest". Yes folks, this is or WAS my cat! Horrible. I know you're all thinking, "How do you know it's yours?". Well first of all, these people live in Monmouth and that's where the post said it was in, second, they said they only had the cat for 3 weeks and it is a female, declawed cat. And that she was scared and hid under furniture but she must've gotten out because they can't find her! Are you kidding me?! So basically I killed my cat. I'm a terrible person. She's declawed and has never been outside. And now she is and is probably dead! I'm secretly hoping a nice family saw this sweet kitty and how nice she is and picked her up and have her in their home. Wishful thinking right?! Again, can't believe I posted not one but TWO things about my cats....but I did. I'll post pictures of Lily when I feel up to it :(


Family of 5 said...

Oh Amanda, how awful! I didn't know that happened! :( SAD! I can't believe it, did they let the cat out or something I wonder? I know it's a cat, but I will pray that a good family finds her or she'll go back! I'm sad!:( Poor cat!
Hang in there! Love ya friend! And oh yah, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY To you! Your a TERRIFIC MOM!

Charis2105 said...

Hey, how do I see Dan and Anna's blog?