Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Stats

Lily had her 15 month appt. yesterday with the doctor-meaning MORE shots! OUCH! She did such a good job. AJ actually held her on his lap this time instead of laying her on the table and she seemed more calm. Oh she still cried, but not as long. I think it helped having her daddy be with her. And thank goodness he comes to all those ouchy appts! I know I can do it, but it's hard to be the only one there. And I feel so bad when she screams bloody murder, and her face and body turn red, and she cries so hard it's that silent cry, but her body is shaking you know? The doc. said no more shots until kindergarten! YAY! He's pleased with her progress, especially because she's sort of walking. She weighed in at 23 lbs. 8 oz. and is 32 in. tall. She's in the 50 % for weight and the 90 % for height! Meaning out of 100 girls her age, she is taller than 90 of them and shorter than 10. CRAZY! It'll be fun to see how tall she's going to be! Things she enjoys at her 15 months of age are:
1. Eating graham crackers whole-no more breaking them in smaller pieces!

2. Eating whenever, wherever, all the time. This girl loves food!

3. Walking behind her car- and she figured out how to get on it on her own-without my help

4. Other kids! This girl is fascinated by other kids, babies, toddlers, etc. She has so much fun-especially with her favorite Steiner boys!

5. Singing, babbling, talking. She loves to say "boo" and then laughs as soon as she says it. I think it's from us playing peek-a-boo with her.

6. She is picking up on everything we do! She'll clap when we do, smile, laugh, pretend to cough when we cough!

7. She loves to pull herself up onto the furniture and is moving like crazy!

8. She learned how to sign "more" and "all done". It's fantastic!

9. She loves her baby and blanket. Those are a must when it's bed time.

10. She loves cups and straws. We might as well throw her toys out because if you just give her a cup and straw she's entertained for a long time!

I can't believe my baby is 15 months old. I still remember the day we found out we were pregnant! God is soo good! And I'm so thankful for a growing, healthy, baby girl!

By the way, these are old pictures-but they went with what I was saying!


Amber said...

Oh my gosh she is smaller than Jack and 5 months older! hehe!! To funny! Dont you just love the big healthy babies though?! She is adorable! :-)

Family of 5 said...

So cute! FUn updates of a 15 month old girl! That is sooo stinkin' adorable! Hmmm...I have a feeling she's going to be tall, slender and beautiful! you'll have to keep all those boys away! :)

Palmer Family said...

Your Lily is the cutes! Love her flower headbands! Oh and I love your blog makeover! I'm gonna look at that website!