Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Great news! AJ's tests came back completely normal-praise God! Everything was fine and none of it was a worrisome to his doctor. The doctor suggested AJ may be having "nocturnal seizures"-meaning seizing in his sleep-which is why he's so tired/drained throughout the day. He suggested for AJ to go on seizure medication for 3 months as a trial period and follow-up with the doctor after those few months of being on medication. The pill he takes is at night and it actually causes drowsiness-which will hopefully make him sleep a bit better! There are no side effects so we're just kind of at the point of trying anything. The doctor is still puzzled as to why he had those 2 seizures, but says this may solve it. Or at least, after 3 months, if AJ's feeling great than he probably was having those nocturnal seizures. He started the medicine on Wednesday and yesterday he woke up at 6:30 am feeling great! That is crazy to me! I get out of bed (it's only 7:00) and I see my husband isn't sleeping beside me. He's outside weeding! He says he was feeling good and energized. Maybe it's all in his head, but either way it's better than feeling lousy! God is so good to us and His plan is perfect. We will continue to trust in Him as we try this medicine and we know He's got us in His hands. Thanks again for your prayers!

So, now on to Lily Mae. This week has been so HOT that we decided it'd be fun to buy one of those plastic kiddie pools for $10-can't beat that price! Lily has had such a fun time in the water. This girl is a water lover! She splashes, plays, loves to throw her toys out of the pool and then always wants us to get them for her-then she does it again. It's a fun game to her! It's been a nice treat for us because she's happy and it's fun for her! Here are some pictures of her pool time:

Trying on her new hat we got for our Disneyland trip-she actually put it on like this!

And wearing some cute sunglasses-this girl has got like 4 pair of them! We'll see if she'll actually keep them on for longer than 10 seconds!

In her pool playing with a balloon! It was left over from my birthday and she loved it!

I love this action shot! You can see how happy she is flapping her arms and kicking her legs! We've used this pool everyday since we got it! The only problem now is I think she's teething because she's cranky and snotty. And we leave in a couple days for Disneyland-on a plane. Oh dear, please pray for us! And her of course, that she'd get better and her ears won't bother her. Thank goodness my whole family will be there to help out =) And a shout out to my Dad for turning the big 52 yesterday! Happy Birthday Dad! Love you!


Family of 5 said...

Praise the Lord about AJ sleeping well! We'll keep on praying! And oh so cute Lily in her swim wear! :) What a sun bather! Love the new pictures of her in her pool! Have a WONDERFUl time in D-Land and Happy birthday to your Mom! I'll miss you! And talk to you soon!
Love, Anna

Amber said...

That is such great news!! Lily looks so adorable in the hat...I have been wanting to get a little kiddie pool too. It has been so hot! Have a great time in Disneyland! :-)