Friday, May 2, 2008

Say "NO"

Lily is learning new tricks every day! And it seems after she hangs out with her friend Zoe she is encouraged to pick up on new things! (Since Zoe is older she walks, runs, etc.) Lily isn't walking yet, but she can pull herself up by holding onto the coffee table, or rocking chair, couch, our name it and she can do it! Of course I haven't been able to snap a picture of her doing it but she does! And since she does that she's also realized how to walk along the furniture! And I know there are some of you out there who say "That's no big deal, my 10 month old can do that" -which is great for you guys, but Lily is 14 months! So to us this is HUGE :) But with these new found tricks we get to say "No" a lot. She already knows how to say that word-and has said it since forever ago, but now she'll point to something she knows she shouldn't touch or grab and she'll say "no". I promise you, this is her favorite word. I think she just says it at random times and doesn't know what she's saying "no" to. It's funny mostly, but by the end of the day when it's a 1/2 hour before her bed time and I've already heard the word "no" 600 times I'm about sick of hearing it! Anyway, we're still working on the walking, but I'm not ready to push her into it. Mainly because if you've noticed from my Disneyland ticker we leave in 18 days!!! That is crazy to me! And she's already showing signs of not wanting to go into her stroller and stiffening her body so I literally have to push her into it (not hard, I'm quite gentle!) Yes, she did this today in the mall in the food court while crying. Bring on the stares because I'm sure it'll get worse from here on out! Luckily my mom was with me so she helped persuade Lily to sit down and she was fine as soon as we started strolling. I realize as I'm typing this that I'm making Lily look like she's a devil child. But she's really not! We're just learning new things about her and figuring out what works and doesn't work! She still cracks us up every day and is so sweet to give us 'kisses' and lay her head on us. Enough of the are some funny pictures of her:

As I've mentioned before, this girl will grab clothes from anywhere she can find them and put them around her neck and she'll ride her car all over the house. This day, I found her putting it over her head! She cracks me up!

And this is what she does with it around her neck! I don't know what goes through her mind as she has clothes around her!

And it's hard to tell in this picture, but Lily's hair is getting quite long-almost like a mullet! I'm finally able to grab what I can and put it in 2 tiny pigtails. Here is a front shot (With her holding her jacket and carrying it around the house!)

And here is a side shot. She was playing "peek- a -boo" and moving her head around while I was holding the camera in front of my face! She's getting so old, it's quite sad to me! No longer a baby (although I still say she's my baby) but growing to look like a little girl! Time goes by too fast!


Amber said...

Yeah for Lily! I know she will be walking real soon and you will wish you had more time! I always think that with Jack...they are growing up SO fast its scary! I love the hair by the way! Too cute! Have a great weekend :)

Family of 5 said...

What a sweet girl she is...I love the pics expecially the last one! Hang in there in the tough times, and when they are being so tough remember all those times when she does make you laugh and smile, they far outway the tough ones! She is just getting a mind of her own! your a great mom! Your doing a wonderful job at guiding and teaching her! Sorry I missed ya at the mall ysterday hope you found good things! Love ya and see ya tomorrow!