Monday, April 28, 2008

The BIG 2-5

Yes, I'm now a quarter of a century old. Kinda crazy to say that. Really, to me it's not that big of a deal. All my family thought it was but I really didn't. Maybe it's because my circle of friends are older than me and my husband is 6 1/2 years older (do the math people!) or maybe it's because I'm a mom so birthdays are starting to get less important. Either way, 25 still seems really young! Some days I wish I was a bit older so people would stop saying "You're only 25? You're just a baby!" And I know there are those of you out there who are saying "You should be happy that you look younger!" But I'm not-maybe when I'm 30 and people say those words then that's when I'll be happy! :)
Anyway, I did have a fabulous birthday weekend! My mom (she's the best) wanted to throw me and some of my girlfriends a tea party! There's this cute, little tea house in Dallas and my mom, sister, sis in law, mom in law, and some gals from the small group we're in at church were there to help celebrate my birthday on Saturday (which was a day early!) Lots of fun, great tea and yummy food! My mom even had quarters layed out on the table (get it, because I'm a quarter of a century!) Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera there but my mom did so when I get those pics scanned in I'll post one!

Then my wonderful husband had the rest of the evening planned out. Before that though, we did some yard work. It was so nice outside and Lily took a super long nap, we actually had more than 30 minutes to get stuff done! Lots of weeding was accomplished...I do love having a nice looking yard! Now I'm just needing some pretty flowers or a hanging basket or something (maybe for Mother's Day?!) So for dinner, my parents and siblings and AJ's parents and siblings headed over to Padington's Pizza and then we came back here for presents and cake! Here's all of us at the pizza parlor:I know it's hard to see everyone-but they're all there!She looks guilty! But she's focused on those raisins!Ahh...aren't we cute?Here I am with all those presents-I'm spoiled! Or just blessed with giving family members!
Look at those chubbers! I LOVE the rolls on her legs! My brother Joel and AJ being sillyAJ bringing me my cake-with TRICK candles! Meaning when I blew them out, the re-lit! Those things were so scary! They were like miniature sparklers and were sparking every where!Blowing 'em out-look at the sparks on the candles! And of course there HAS to be a picture of Lily riding her car! Holding the cake he picked out! Still can't figure out how to rotate pictures! Any ideas?Leandra, Joel, Jeff (Andrea's fiance') and Andrea-AJ's sisMy adorable parents
AJ's adorable parents with Lily
And on my actual birthday I went to church then my brother, sister and I went to Best Lil' Roadhouse for lunch (while AJ stayed home with Lily and they napped) and then we went to Old Navy to do some returns and buy more with birthday money! Joel was so nice to treat me to lunch and coffee! All in all it was a fantastic birthday weekend and I was spoiled! Thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate!


Palmer Family said...

so cute and so fun and I just commented on your pictures on FB! What a sweet family you have and I am loving Lily's flower! I think I have been to that tea house in Dallas too! For my moms birthday a few years ago!

Daisha said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA . . . Sounds like it was great!

Amber said...

Looks like you had a great 25th bday!! Those pictures are the best! And I am totally with you when people think I am younger than I bugs me 28 and people always think I am 22 or 23! Might be a good thing when I am older like you said but now I dont want to be younger!!! :)

Amber said...

Oh by the way...the stroller is the same exact one you have! haha!! Thanks for the advice on it...we love it! :)