Friday, April 11, 2008

Rub - A -Dub -Dub....Lily's in the Tub!

I just love bath time. Lily especially loves it! She's so easy to clean because she enjoys it! Her new thing is looking down at the water and then putting her mouth in it which ends up being bad because she chokes! She's fine though and then she'll do it again! It's like she's noticing the water for the first time and wants to see what it tastes like! I just had to make her hair stick up! It was fun and she seemed to enjoy it too!

Check out the curls on top of her head! And I love her baby 'blues'!

I had another really cute picture of her laying on her back in the tub (don't worry, the water isn't that high) and she ALWAYS kicks her arms and legs and does it really fast because she's so excited! Anyway, the picture was cute but showed 'too much' if you know what I mean and I wasn't sure how to edit it out! You just never know what creepies look on blogs! Anyway, after her bath she went to bed all clean. I tell you, there's nothing better than a sweet smelling, clean baby! And yes, she's still my baby even if she is 14 months! This is how I found her sleeping and I just had to take a picture!
Look at her cute little bum sticking up! I love love love it! It reminded me of when she was a newborn and would always have her bum sticking up like that-it's so sweet! And she didn't wake up when the flash went off-this girl was worn out from her bath :)


Family of 5 said...

LOVE it! Micah's sitting on my lap saying, "Look LiLY!" It doesn't even look like her in her bed.. :) I love the lil bum sticking up t oo! And bath times are the best! Especially because it relax's them! Too cute!

Amber said...

How cute! I love the pics of her in the bath...she looks so happy! :-)

Kaytee said...

I love Lily's nose! I just want to pinch it and kiss it! It's so cute!