Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunny weekend FUN!

Oh my...what a BEAUTIFUL weekend we had! I can't believe how nice it was-80 degrees! I so wish it was here to stay, but as I write this post it's very gloomy outside. And I hear it could snow this weekend?!!! Seriously? I was just about to pack up Lily's winter clothes but decided not to thankfully. I swear, that girl is gonna grow out or run out of warm clothes before nice weather is here! She's got TONS of spring/summer clothes...oh well! So on Saturday we had our good friends, the Steiners, over for a BBQ lunch. It was so fun and HOT. We were able to finally sit out on our new patio furniture (that we bought at the end of last summer!) and enjoy food and fellowship. I was wanting to plant flowers but glad I didn't considering the freezing temperatures we could face this weekend!

This actually wasn't during our BBQ lunch, but later that night we sat outside again for dinner! Lily had already eaten so we just set up her playpen and put some toys in there. She was so happy to be outside! That's my wonderful sister, Leandra, who stopped by real quick to say hi. She was playing peek-a-boo with Lily. She's such a good auntie!

Holding her beloved 'princess' ball. And looking quite serious!

Our self portrait!

I love this picture! Charlie, our dog, just decided to lay right next to Lily. They didn't notice each other at first, but then she did and pressed her hand against the side for Charlie to sniff or lick! So cute. He's such a good dog too.

So that was our fun weekend. Now, on to news about AJ's health. I actually wrote a mass email to family so I'm just going to copy and paste it on here for you all to read (and I don't have to type it again!) Sorry for those of you who will read this twice!

Thanks for all your prayers regarding's so nice to have that support as we go into unknown waters! As most of you know, AJ had his first neurology appt. today. I thought it'd be easier to do a mass email instead of calling everyone-not that there's much to say, but it saves time :)

Today's visit was just a consultation (as I thought it'd be) no testing, just talking about AJ, how he's feeling, what he felt when he experienced his 2 seizures, etc. The doctor (Dr. Wynn) was super nice, he's tall and skinny like AJ and is very friendly. AJ explained all that's happening and the doc. is 'concerned'. Meaning, he's not thinking it's just the 2 seizures and it's just random that they happened, but that it's a good opportunity to look at everything and get to the bottom of this. I'm personally thrilled with that decision. I was hoping the doc. would understand these 'weird' things going on with AJ and want to find out why. So, he wants him to have an MRI done (which I thought he had done in the ER, but that was a CT scan we found out) The MRI place will call us to schedule, so I'm unsure of dates for that. Apparently it'll give a more detailed look of the brain that the CT scan can't show. He also wants an EEG done (measures brain waves and probably other stuff too) and that will be happening Monday, April 28th at 9 am. The night before (on a Sunday when AJ is always exhausted!) he has to stay up until 1 a.m. and then sleep only until 5 a.m.!! Only 4 hours of sleep! I don't know how that's going to happen. Maybe we could get some high school boys to help keep him awake?!! Cause there's no way I can do that-especially with dealing with Lily the next day! They want AJ to fall asleep during the EEG at the office because maybe he is having little seizures in his sleep or something. Anyway, still lots of unknowns, and it's kinda scary. But I'm glad they're investigating his head =) We'd appreciate your continued prayers through this trial and we know God is faithful and is in control. Thanks for your support and I'll keep you all updated if you want!


Daisha said...

It sounds like you have a great doctor! Hope everything goes well. Shayla had to do that stay up all night stuff too- ugh!

Amber said...

I love the picture with your dog! Too cute! Im glad you have a good Dr for AJ...I hope you guys get some answers soon on this...I will be thinking of you guys!

Amber said...

I love auntie girls (and Jack) need to all get together soon! I would love to get to see you guys...its been to long! :)

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