Thursday, April 3, 2008


Oh my, Lily FINALLY crawled! I honestly thought she'd bypass this milestone and go straight to walking, but 2 days ago she did it and hasn't stopped! I took video of it and tried to load it on the computer, but couldn't figure out how to do it (those computer savvy people...if you can easily explain how to I'd love to know!) Anyway, we had some friends over for dinner and they were like "Let's get her crawling." So we went into our living room, set a 'toy' (which was a plastic tupperware container of formula, but if it's new to Lily than it's a toy!) and put it far away from her and got her in the crawling position. After a few times she got the hang of it! I couldn't believe it. I mean, this girl is late in the game, but at least she's more on the normal side! YAY! Of course I didn't get a chance to take a picture because I was recording,so I'm sorry about that. She hasn't mastered that she can crawl to follow me around the house. I'm not sure how long that will take, but she can move around to get her toys. With some time she'll be a pro! Now of course she's on the move and growing to be a big 1 year old, so her morning nap is officially GONE! That's so sad to me because I could always use that time to get ready and just be sane for an hour or so. But it's like in the last week she's changed completely! No morning nap, crawling, growing more teeth I think because she's snotty, etc. But that last couple of days she's done a really good afternoon nap-2 hours! So great. Anyway, because she can move there are times when I lay her down to nap and I hear her playing, talking, etc. so I go in there and find her like this:Don't you just love the pigtails?

Now, I know to most of you moms, this isn't new. But to us it is! Lily was always so easy to lay down on her back and she'd lay there and talk and eventually fall asleep. But now she's mastered rolling over and sitting up in her crib, it makes it a while before she falls asleep! At least she's happy in there. In fact, today I went to check on her and she was in that sitting position, except her upper half of her body was doubled over and her head was laying down on the mattress-and she was sleeping! She couldn't figure out how to lay down normal! So I moved her of course and she was out. We're learning together these new tricks and schedules!

The other day we invited our friends, Josh and Lynn and Kelsie and all their kids over for dinner, (the ones to help her crawl!) and it was so fun for Lily to interract with them. She just loves playing with others! Here are some photos from that night:Tucker being cute for the camera (it's nice to say "smile" and have them know what you mean while you take the picture!)

Brody-isn't he adorable?! He is 4 months younger than Lily and is walking along furniture, mastered crawling forever ago, and can walk behing things (like pushing Lily's car around!) Amazing-and kinda depressing for us!

Check out that hair! No matter what you do to it, it sticks straight up!

Playing together-well, sorda. I moved Lily to stay by him while I held something above my camera to get them to look at me!

And cute Carly -she is 8 months old (and Tucker and Brody's cousin)

The girls playing together.

All in all it was a fun night of friends and firsts!


Daisha said...

Yeah Lily!! That's awesome and I'm sure you're slightly relieved too.

Amber said...

Yahoo Lily!! That is so great! You know what comes next.....walking!! :)