Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3 Day Getaway at Eagle Crest!

WARNING: This might be my longest blog entry just beware!
Monday early afternoon we headed on over to Eagle Crest Resort in Eastern Oregon to hang out with AJ's mom, dad, and sister. We could only stay until Wednesday due to other activities and things going on here, but it was so much fun to get away! We usually just hang out, eat wonderful food (that I never cook!) watch movies, read books, and shop! Here is Lily eating away:
And Auntie Andrea helping feed her too :)

Grandma Barb 'walking' with Lily (sorry it's sideways, I couldn't figure out how to rotate it!)

AJ and his Dad, Dan, watching sports

And me, actually getting a chance to sit down and read!
Then on Tuesday,we gals went to Sisters to do some shopping. I do love that town, not so much for clothes, but little cutesy things. I got some great finds and had coffee and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather!Our great finds...minus Lily's 'car' :)
Our view of the canyon from the condo we always stay in-so beautiful!

We are working on getting Lily to crawl-yes, I said crawl. I know, she's 13 months, but this girl doesn't crawl or walk! And I'm ready for her to be mobile!

Going for her new ball she got from her Grandma in her Easter basket (plus lots of other fun stuff too! Thanks again Grandma Acker!)

Then, I tried experimenting with little sponge curlers because Lily's hair can sometimes get out of control. And I'll be honest, it looks like she's got a bit of a mullet in the back! So here we are testing them out.

Isn't she cute in curlers?! As I took them out later, I didn't realize how hard it was to unsnap them! So, I made her cry and then her hair looked crazy. It didn't work at all-plus, I inflicted pain on her! Maybe I'll wait till her hair gets a bit longer! Or I just need some other creative ideas to do her hair with! Any ideas?

The finished 'look'....not the best! But at least her 'mullet' is curled up!

Then Wednesday, the day we left, we woke up to snow! It was so pretty but by the time we left it had all melted.....The same canyon from before...isn't it beautiful with the snow?!

Well, we thought the snow would be gone....until we hit the road! I figured the pass going home would be bad...but it was BAD. Seriously, super white, as in you could barely see the cars coming! I was worried and so glad AJ was driving! We had to pull over and put on chains, and then AJ was a good Samaritan and helped a woman who pulled over behind us put her chains on her he was outside for like 30 minutes. We got on our way, saw crazy drivers trying to SPEED by us and everyone else (do they not realize they're putting themselves and others in danger?!!) and were so grateful as we got closer to Salem to see rain. I'm so ready for springy, sunny weather. The snow was fun to look at, but bring on the sun! Here are some pics that show us on our journey home:

The view from inside our car as we're driving

That's from my side of the car when we pulled was seriously a hill of snow right next to us!

AJ looking at Lily while taking out those chains...he looks happy now....until he gets out in that crazy weather!

AJ putting on the chains

And last, but not least, me! I was only out there for 1 minute, and look how much snow got on me!

It was such a FUN trip and I look forward to going back in June! Thanks Ackers for a great time again!


Amber said...

Looks like you guys had a great time...I love going over to Easter Oregon but I hate driving over the pass when it is bad. Im glad you guys made it back safe! About the Gymboree classes I was going to ask you if you took Lily to anything like that. The website is The only one closest to Salem is in Bridgeport. Its a lot of fun though and well worth the drive. Its $61 a month...but hey if you did it when Jack is in level 3 they would be in the same class together since lever 3 is 10-16 months! :) Let me know if you have any other questions on it. You can sign up for a free "preview" class to which is what I did at first to try it out.

Daisha said...

are getaways the greatest! so much for the spring weather huh? I think next week is looking up though.

Family of 5 said...

Love all the details about your trip! Sounds like you had a great time! And relaxing! And how great to have people help you out with Lily...a good break for you! And I love the pics of lily with her sponge curlers! She doesn't look like she has a mullet...she's great! See ya tonight at small group!

Amber said...

Hey Amanda! She actually made those headbands. She said it was pretty easy you just buy the plain headbands and some fake flowers and use a glue gun to put them together. I can see if she could make you some if you want. :)