Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!

Too bad Easter wasn't celebrated with the beautiful weather we had on Saturday huh?! Oh well..we still a wonderful day to celebrate our Risen Savior. We started the day off with going to church and then heading over to my parents for Easter dinner with the entire extended family. It was lots of fun, especially to see those we don't get to see on a regular basis-and I know they love seeing Lily too :) I tried to get a family shot of all of us, but completely forgot after we were out of our Easter attire! But I managed to get a cute one of Lily:

I just love her sparkly shoes! But it's amazing to me why all those adorable Easter dresses are always sleeveless?! I mean, seriously, it's cold here in Oregon! I just had to put her in a little sweater to cover her little arms! Then at my parents, my mom wanted Lily to go on her 'own' egg hunt (she is the only little one there-my youngest cousin is 14!) So my mom got a few eggs for her to 'find', you know like on the middle of a table, or sitting on the couch. Lily got the hang of it after a while and was putting them in her basket!

Chewing on her basket with her Great Grandma!

Finding those eggs and seeing what they are

She's getting the hang of it!

Pulling out the goodies from her egg hunt!

We had a fun day and got lots of candy! I'm sure it'll stay in our pantry until next year! :)


Amber said...

She looks so adorable in her little dress! I love the family photo too! Is she walking around yet? :) My back is feeling lots better now too...thanks! :)

Palmer Family said...

Well you do get to come visit here in exactly 54 days right!? Oh my goodness Lily is so cute I can hardly stand it!