Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ER visit

Ok, so most of you know last Halloween AJ was working, fainted, smacked his head so hard on concrete that he seizured. He was fine, tests came back normal, and life was good again. WELL, today it happened again! This time he didn't faint, but was feeling dizzy. He sat down and the guy that was working with him, saw him start to 'wig' out and helped him lay down. He convulsed for like a minute. He bit the side of his tongue, but other than that he's fine. He did say his neck is stiff. I wonder if that was from the seizure too? Anyway, again this happens while I'm at Bible study at church! I couldn't believe it. I guess it's by the grace of God though because those ladies that were with me prayed, offered to drive me to the ER, pack up my stuff, etc. My mom was able to leave work and come get Lily, and I met Barb (AJ's mom) at the ER. His dad soon followed, and lots of other people from the church to stop by and encourage AJ and pray with us. After 4 hours there, they determined pretty much nothing. I think he's just stressed with life, working too hard and too long of days, and doesn't slow down. It's a good quality that he's a hard worker, but not when he works and works. All his bloodwork came back normal but they want him to follow up with his regular doctor in the next couple of days. And no driving!That means I'm the taxi :) They said could be epilepsy (i doubt it) and/or a mild case of hypoglycemia. Again, I think he's just pushing his body too hard, but I'm not a doctor! He's doing good and napping right now. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and prayers. They mean a lot to us. The other thing about this is it's our church's women's retreat at the coast this weekend and it was going to by my first time away from Lily and I was looking forward to it! My mom has graciously offered to watch her all weekend so AJ won't have to (plus, I don't know if I trust him to do it, just in case something happened you know?) so I still might go. I feel like a bad wife! But his dad assured me he'd hang out with AJ,and AJ's such a fighter, he's saying he's fine and I'm sure he'll be good to go by this Friday. Anyway, we'll see. No final decisions about retreat yet. But I'd sure like to go :) Just pray for wisdom with the doctors, but that we'd continue to trust the Lord has a plan and we've got to lay our worries at His feet. It's funny I say that, because just last night I changed my verse of the week. Check it out on the side of our blog. God is good!


Daisha said...

so scary! He'll be in my prayers! Shayla used to have seizures and then her heart condition - It's honestly the most terrifying experience! Hang in there and yes, hopefully there isn't any problems!

Amber said...

Oh sweetie I am so sorry for you guys on having to go through this. I hope everything turns out all will be in our thoughts and prayers! Stay strong!

Daisha said...

Amanda - My mom called me this weekend, said sh'ed been blog hopping and read your post about AJ at the ER. Obviously with Shayla's medical history it sacred my mom to see what had happened to AJ (me too). Shayla has 'Long Q-T Symdrome' which is a heart condition where fainting adn seizures are symptoms(go google and read about it please). After Shayla had seizures and faiting spells for 10 years and she was given the diagnosis of Epilepsy. Unfortunatly, she was misdiagonsed and she went into cardiac arrest and now has her brain injury from lack of oxygen - I think I told you about this. Now, the reason she was misdiagnosed is because she didn't have her heart monitored. Long Q-T is not very common. Actually it's usually after somone has passed away that they discover the heart condition, which is preventable with medication or a pacemaker/defibrulator (which shayla now has). I am not trying to scare you . . . obviously I'm not a doctor, but you might want to make sure AJ has an EKG -electrocardiogram to check the Q and T waves of his heart (hence the name of the the symdrome). My whole family has now had our hearts checked. Please feel free to email me @ and I can give you my phone number. Take care and hope you had a nice weekend