Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Manic Monday!

Monday is always a good day for us....mainly because I think it gives all of us a chance to start over on a new week (and yes, I think Monday is the beginning of the week!) Anyway, it's kinda my 'catch-up' day to do laundry, dishes, bathrooms, etc. I always fold laundry on our living room couch, and as I was putting some of the piles away I came back to this scene: Little Lily decided it'd be fun to ride her 'car' over to my nice, neat piles and throw it on the floor! Acutally, when I came back she was in the middle of all the clothes and by the time I got my camera, she had basically bull-dozed her way through the clothes! Oh well! Luckily, it wasn't a big load to re-fold, but it was kinda funny. And as I do this, she follows me over the house as she's on her car. This is what she decided to carry with her as she rode her car over the house-her socks! She's holding them up to show me :)

Then, as most of you know, we're taking a big family trip to Disneyland to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday. You see, she is OBSESSED with Disneyland, she actually has an annual pass! This woman goes like 5-6 times a year, I'm not kidding! My dad goes to California a lot on business, so he can easily take her with him and while he works, she plays :) (he too has an annual pass and will sometimes go to D-land to have dinner, even with my mom isn't there...it's cute). So it's been my mom's dream forever to have her family all go together to Disneyland-and it's happening this May! Anyway, I have really been wanting a jogging stroller-mainly because I hate going to the gym and when it's nice outside I actually like to go running outside-call me crazy! I've been borrowing my good friend Anna's stroller, but was trying to find one for my own. I looked on craiglist and they had some good ones, but none I loved (so I'm a bit picky!) AJ's mom was so nice and gave us some money towards one for Lily's birthday, and as I was looking online at Target and such to dream a little, AJ said "why not just pay the difference and let's get a new one you know you'll love?" WHAT?! For those of you who know my husband, you know this is not something that is in his vocabulary-"NEW". He is a penny pincher and very smart with money (it's a trait I actually LOVE about him!) So when he says go ahead, I went! And got this beautiful jogging stroller, that now I will run with (I really will....you all can hold me accountable!) and that we can take to Disneyland! Wow...long way to get to the point of my story, but it'll be nice when we go on vacation because this troller has a swivel front wheel-and when you run you can make it not swivel so it stays in place! Amazing right?! I'm just a bit excited! I put this together on my own yesterday after it was on my living room floor for a week! Ususally I'd ask AJ to do this, but he's been so busy it's one more thing on his plate he doesn't need. I was so proud of myself!! Here are some pictures of Lily in her new stroller (yes, I'm a bit silly)
It's almost as if she's saying "cheese"!
Check out that front swivel wheel!
And a close up of her....she's just chilling in the stroller (yes I know she's buckled in inside the house-but this girl was itching to jump out! Safety first right?!)
So, all in all, I realized it really wasn't a "manic Monday", but an accomplished day! We got laundry done and had some laughs, put a stroller together, I even got my oil changed (my dad came along for the ride...thanks dad!) and made dinner and had it ready before AJ came home from track practice! Yay! It's the small accomplishments that make me happy. And the rest of this week our church is providing our dinners! They always feed the cast and crew of our Easter production before the nightly rehearsals start-such servants! And yay, because I don't have to cook for a whole week! That's all for now!


Amber said...

First of all I love the new background...so cute! Ok so have I told you how adorable Lily is?! She is the cutest thing ever!! And yeah how come she doesn't have GREEN on??? Slacker!! haha! Im so jealous you are going to Disneyland! I cant wait till Jack is old enough to take him there...cant wait to see pictures! :)

Daisha said...

I have a penny pinching husband too and love it, especially when he tells me to buy things I've been wanting . . . I love the stoller you picked!