Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finally.... a new post!

I realized it hasn't been that long since I last posted. But, I was doing good there for a while, and really was wanting to do this blogging thing everyday! I basically got busy and/or lazy and just haven't found the time! But, it's Sat. night, my tummy is full from having dinner at my sis-in-law's house (she makes awesome food), Lily should be sleeping, and I've got some free time before bed.

Last night my wonderful husband took me out for a nice dinner at Creekside. For those who don't know what it is, it's a local golf course and has a nice restaurant inside. My mom-in-law actually gave us a gift certificate there for Christmas. So we had an early dinner, rented "Dan in Real Life" (quite good...I recommend it!), headed to downtown Starbucks to sit in the comfy chairs (although, I'm the only one to get a drink because AJ can't stand coffee!) and then went back to pick up Lily from my in-laws. It was so much fun for just the 2 of us to hang out. But, a lot of our talking is centered around Lily. Funny how when we're away from her, she's always on our minds! I guess that's the joy of parenthood right? And I hope we're not the only 'lame' ones to talk about our kids at dinner! Oh well ;) The best thing about last night, was watching a movie in bed! I know that sounds crazy, but I don't like the idea of a TV in our room so we never have had one in there. Anyway, AJ got a smaller TV with vcr/dvd combo for Christmas and decided to set it up in there. There's really no surface for this TV to sit on, it's too big for my dresser, etc. So, my inventor husband built this thing for it to sit on! Note the picture below:
Yes, it's sitting on top of this wood platform on top of his ladder! Not the prettiest thing, but very functional! It was fun....yes I know, we're kinda lame!

Next week is Easter of course, which means AJ will be super busy (he is the worship leader at our church). There are rehearsals every night this coming week and a performance of an Easter drama/music thingy on Saturday night and than 2 on Sunday morning. Plus, he's got track practice and a track meet! This guy is on the go-which is kinda scary considering his 'health'. But, I know God's in control, and AJ's being really smart about taking it easy as much as he can, eating well, and resting. Plus, his dad's been helping out a lot -seems AJ listens better to him than me! AJ just can't sleep very well though-mainly because he's got a nasty cold. But, it's like since these seizures started happening, he can't fully rest. He'll see the neurologist April 15th, and we're on the cancellation list if something were to become available sooner. It'll be nice just to get some testing done, cancel anything out, and hopefully get some answers. After Easter, we leave for Eagle Crest (right past Sisters in Eastern Oregon) to stay in his parent's condo time-share thingy with them and his sister Andrea. That will be so nice to get away for a few days! AJ is looking forward to resting and not working, and I'm just looking forward to relaxation! And having other people watch Lily besides me! WOOHOO! I'm crossing my fingers cause I'm hoping to get a massage at the spa there-AJ just doesn't know that yet :) Maybe I can consider it an early birthday present for me!

As for Lily, she's still got that cold! She can't seem to get rid of it. Her nose is leaking, but it's clear. So hopefully they won't reject her from going to the nursery tomorrow! It seems all the babies have runny noses these days. She's sleeping really well though praise God! And she's also getting extremely frustrated because she can't walk. She's been riding her 'car' everyday all day lately. It's her way of exploring and getting around on her own. Yes, my child can't walk but she can steer that car, pedal on carpet, hardwood floors, cement, and go super fast! Weird. These are some pictures of her riding it the other day. And she always has to have something in her hands while steering. Usually she'll find a diaper, or she'll dig in my purse and grab a container of mints. It's hilarious. We started taking her car everywhere we go, because we know it'll keep her occupied and happy!
Look at her face, she's so excited! And she's holding an empty cracker box! She carried that all over the house with her!
Pausing for her mom to take a picture!
Riding off into the sunset ;)

And finally, this last picture is just plain cute. I was changing the sheets on our bed, and Lily was needing some attention. So I put her on our comforter that was on the floor and she was having a ball. Who knew? Maybe because it's a king sized thing, it just felt like she was lying in a giant feather bed! (it's a down comforter) It's quite funny the pose she ended up in!


Amber said...

Oh my gosh...Ty and I are the same way with the TV in the room thing. We have always thought it would be bad to have one in our room so never did. Just recently I have been wanting to lay in bed and watch a movie or something so he went out and got us a TV to put in our room. Its so cool! Yet part of me still wonders if I shouldn't have done it! :)
I love Lily on her bike...that is so cute that she has to hold onto something. She looks so much like you! :)

Family of 5 said...

I love the new post! So cute...of Lily especially! you all have so much fun! :) What a blessing having a lil one is! And I LOVE the creativeness with the Ladder/TV! :) that craked me up! :) hehe! Fun times...and sounds like a great date night...oh I'm thinking Dan and I need one of those real soon..and yes it's true that you end up talking about your kids! :) See ya Sunday night since I ddin't see you this morning!