Monday, March 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, I did it. I went to our church's women's retreat at the coast! I felt guilty at first, leaving my seizing husband and daughter home alone ( I know you all think I'm terrible!) But it was so nice for me to get away for the first time away from Lily. I love her...but it was wonderful to be on my schedule and not hers! The coast was so much fun! The weather was beautiful! It was a lot of fun fellowshipping with other women, eating nummy food at the hotel we stayed at in Newport, learning some great things about God's grace, and of course shopping at the Lincoln City outlets during our 6 hour free time on Saturday! I got some good deals for me and some fun summer outfits for Lily. It's so hard to not buy her anything! Especially because girl clothes are so cute! I was glad to get home though, because I was missing my family! I mean look at how cute this girl is! I guess I was going for that Pebbles look when I left Friday. Mainly, because I figured AJ wouldn't know how to put bows in her hair!
Back to was hard leaving them all alone this last weekend, but really, he is fine and they are both alive and well. My mom helped out Friday night, and then AJ's dad was with him most of the day Sat. and they drove up to Portland to see AJ's grandma in her care home. She hardly ever sees Lily, so that was fun for all of them. And then while AJ went to church yesterday, my wonderful mom came over to watch her all morning. No way I was going to put that girl in the nursery because she is sick! She somehow came down with a nasty cold and it's oozing out of her poor little button nose! It's so sad when they get sick, because they hate what we as parents do to try and help them feel better! Such as :The dreaded bulb syringe! She HATES it when we do this to her! But it truly helps! Ahh....what would we do without infants' tylenol? It's wonderful!
And the humidifier! Makes her room all steamy, but I think it works wonders!

Anyway, these are a few of my favorite things! :) I sure hope she gets over this sickness fast! And lucky me, I got it too! Oh well. I'm still glad to be home! As for AJ, he's doing "fine" as he says. His memory is a bit messed up, just with little things. He saw his doctor last Friday for a follow-up visit. He didn't give us any new information, which we didn't think would happen anyway. He did refer us to a neurologist, but THEY have to contact US! Great. His PCP said they'd try to get him in within 2 weeks. We haven't heard anything yet. He wants him to see a neurologist to do some testing or to at least rule out things. He said just to be careful with the amount of physical labor he does. And he's working on the dump truck this Wednesday! A week after the accident. He says he'll be careful, drink gatorade (he thinks it's his magic drink :) ) and take lots of rest. I'm so worried, but I got to leave it in the Lord's hands. I think he just gets low blood sugar. His dad bought him some sugar tablet things. I think they are called Glucose Tablets. You are supposed to take them when you're feeling a bit faint, to try and prevent fainting. I hope they work, actually I hope he won't have to take them! I will keep you all updated on what we hear with the doctors. Thanks for all your prayers! God is still so good!


Amber said...

Im glad you got to sure you needed it! Thats a bummer though that Lily and you are sick now...its never fun being sick with your baby! I hope you 2 feel better soon! :)

Family of 5 said...

Hey you, so I got your funny forward about the license's...but I have already seen it so it didn't trick me this time! :) Love all your updates! So fun to see, even though I still see you a lot! :) And it was a good weekend away, even though it was a tad challenging w/ a baby! And fun to shop too! hope you have a great day! And I'm sure I'll talk to you soon!

Family of 5 said...

OH yah, one more thing, I rented No REservation...I lovedit...very cute! ;) Love, Anna