Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My night off!

Ever since we watched the movie "No Reservations" my husband and I have wanted to expand our cooking skills! No, I don't mean taking cooking lessons or anything, but just trying out new dishes. I tend to find myself in a casserole rut. I've got my main dishes and we all like them and I forget to add new things! So, AJ suggested once a week trying a new dish. At first, I was very scared! Mainly because I don't want to ruin a perfectly good meal and money buying special ingredients, but also because I'm a chicken when it comes to trying new things. It was also AJ's idea for us to alternate weeks. He'd cook something new one week, me the next. I thought "Great! I'd love a night off (which I always get off, he's always willing to help cook dinner.) Anyway, Tuesdays seemed to be the day where nothing was going on and we were all home. Tonight was my turn to relax while he cooked. He's so funny when it comes to these things. He orders me to stay out of the kitchen and if I have to walk by, to close my eyes! He's very secretive and loves to wait and show me the final presentation. So I had a FULL hour to myself (with Lily) to sit and listen to him cooking away! Lily sat on the floor with her toys while I browsed the web-my favorite thing to do! Here she is playing:

Yes, she's playing with medicine-but it's child proof and I always watch her! It's the weirdest thing-that girl loves to carry those little things of medicine around wherever she goes! (please don't call child services on me :)

Here he is preparing our meal-not sure what it is at this point but he's very focused!

Ta Da! He even added a candle-so sweet!

Garlic bread and twice baked potatoes!!! He did them all by himself and can I tell you that they were AMAZING! I've eaten them before but I've actually never made them-crazy I know. But he did it and it was soo good!

And T-bone steak! Look at how huge those things are! And there were 2! I only ate a tiny section-but we've got enough leftovers for more nights!

I'm so blessed to have AJ as my husband. He treats me so well-especially when he cooks and cleans for me! Thanks AJ for a fun night of not cooking dinner!

And I came across these 'old' photos of Lily-she's so little!

Look at that dark hair and chubby cheeks! So pinchable and kissable!

She's trying to sit up on her own-can't tell you how old she is...maybe 4 months? How terrible am I not to know?!


Amber said...

That is so sweet! I love twice baked potatoes and I love it when Ty cooks too. It is the best thing to see them cooking for US! By the way...Jack loves to have the medicine bottles in his hands too...I think it makes him think he has something he's not supposed to have! Oh and yes I would love to do swimming together this summer! That would be fun! :)

Family of 5 said...

Those looked delicious! I think that's a wonderful idea to switch back and forth! Us mom's defineitly need a night off once in awhile that's for sure. I love the pics of Lily when she was so little...if she's 4 mos in those that's almost what Cambria is! Lily is so adorable! And your a GREAT mom...don't you ever forget it! I love watching you love her so much! Love ya friend!

Palmer Family said...

so happy I could supply you with a little dosage of my reality:) Isn't it so nice when husbands cook dinner! It is fun to try new things together too isn't it?! Have you already decided what you will make next week? :) You Lily is just pure preciousness!!

Amber said...

Hey I wanted to ask you how you like the jogging stroller you got? Im looking for one for Jack so wanted to get your opinion on the one you just got. My home email is anpayne2@hotmail.com if you want to email me! :)

Daisha said...

fabulous dinner! I think I'll make twice baked this week. Did going to the track meet brign back any good memories or just the bad ones:) ??