Monday, May 5, 2008

So Long Kitties

We finally did it-we got rid of our kitties. It took a while but we found a loving family to take 2 cats! It was sad (for me, not AJ!) and I still think about them. You see, they were my 'babies' before I actually had MY baby. They filled that void that I needed while we were trying for so long to have Lily! And now I abandoned them! :) Really though, it's for the better. It's cleaner! And I don't have to worry about Lily finding the kitty litter! We already know she found something cleaner than that when she got into the laundry soap! It's actually been a month since they left, but we told the girl that took them to feel free to call us if for some reason it didn't work with their family. Basically, I was worried if I posted about this then they'd come back to us! But I think were safe! So far at least! And even though Lily's first words were "hi kitty" we still got rid of them. I actually can't believe I'm blogging about my cats! Anyway, here's a couple pictures of the cats I used to post them on craigslist-seriously the best website ever!This is Belle-she was my cat and tolerated Lily soo well! Why did I get rid of them then?!!This is Zoe-she was AJ's cat and would run if Lily came near her! Anyway, life is nice now with just a dog-a lot simpler that is! And you might have noticed I took the Disneyland countdown off. Basically, I got to thinking that some weirdos and/or creepies could be looking at this blog and find our name on it, find where we live, and know when we're going on vacation and come rob us when we're gone! I overreact just a bit I think :) But I just thought it was safer this way. So I'm not going to say exactly when we leave-but it's getting close and I can't wait! My mom is actually having knee surgery this Friday! (and we're going to D-land for her 50th!) Great timing huh? She actually has a torn meniscus and it's in and out in a day. She'll have a little time to heal and the way I look at it, she can rent a wheelchair and we can go to the front of the lines at Disneyland-yay! Hopefully it'll be a normal surgery and she'll heal really well and take it EASY (that's right mom, I know you're reading this! Let me take care of you for once! :) Anyway, last but not least, a picture of Lily because well, this is her blog!
Not the best face she has but she's got her sunglasses on and is ready for sunny California! I think she's cute!
Oh and I keep forgetting to talk about AJ's health. He had both his MRI and EEG done the last couple of weeks and we don't get to see the doctor for a follow-up until May 27th! He's apparently booked. (I'd think if he had brain cancer or something wouldn't they call us to come in sooner? I'm taking this wait as a good thing then!) But I'm gonna call every week and hope they get annoyed with us and move us up on the cancellation list! He's feeling as good as he can. Still the normal tired, forgetful self. But no seizures or anything. So as soon as we hear I'll let you all know.


Palmer Family said...

I don't think it is dumb that you are blogging about your kitties! I can totally empathize! our puppy Lucy is totally our "baby" right now:) I am also sure it will be a much different feeling when we have a real baby someday! Love how cute your Lily is with her sunglasses!!!