Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Tree

Last weekend we bundled up the kids (still not used to saying that!) and headed on out to a cheap tree farm (we got a 5 ft. noble for $15!!!) that we've been to for a few years. My sister came along again (now a tradition) but sadly her fiance' was sick so didn't come. We also had my sister-in-law Andrea and her husband come along too. It was lots of fun but SO COLD!!! I just wish we could at least get some snow with this cold weather! Anyway, here's some fun pictures from our fun family outing: Lily with her auntie Lu-and she's wearing "gardening gloves" for mittens. And they are too big for her. Awesome.The family! We took Jameson out of the car just for the picture but put him back in as soon as we were done. It's too cold out there for a baby!AJ getting ready to cut down the treeAnd cutting it downLily with her uncle Jeff and auntie Andrea

We were going to decorate the tree that night but Lily unfortunately came down with the stomach flu! That morning she randomly said her tummy hurt one time but said nothing the rest of the day. That night we had dinner at a friend's house and right after we ate she started crying and complaining of her tummy hurting. We left thinking she just needed to go to bed and would hopefully feel better in the morning. Well, after being in bed for 15 minutes she started throwing up! It was HORRIBLE. This girl has luckily not gotten sick with the flu since she was a baby (even then it wasn't that bad) so this was all new to us. She threw up a total of 7 times and was done by 3 am. Of course this happens on a Saturday night when we have church in the morning with AJ leading worship! And of course me trying to nurse a newborn and deal with my sick child. See, I don't do puke at all. AJ rose to the occasion and would run in there and help Lily and change her sheets while I would sit with Lily on my lap in the bathroom while he cleaned everything up! I did change the sheets 1 time, but was gagging just doing that! I'm such a wussy mom! Sorry such detailed information here-but it was bad! Luckily she's feeling great now and is over it all. She just has a cold-which she has now given to her brother. And so the cycle begins :) Anyway, we didn't decorate our tree until 3 days after we got it:

Lily doing her part in hanging ornaments. She had a nice little row of ornaments all hanging next to each other in one spot. It was cute. We finally told her she could spread them out a bit!Jameson doing his part by watching us decorate!

She moved to another part of the tree now!

Putting on the angel with daddy's help!

This picture doesn't do justice, but AJ did an excellent job of putting lights on the outside of our house. Usually he moans when I ask him to do it, but this year he was all in the mood to do it and added more than we usually do! I've got such a great husband! And I love Christmas time!!

P.S. I have found to be a terrible blogger since having a baby. Please excuse my absence as I am figuring out life with 2 kids. :)


Cathy said...

Her gloves her rad.

So...what's MY excuse for being a bad blogger?? My baby's 2!

Family of 5 said...

#1-No fun Lily having the pukiness...BLAH! And you are NOT a wussy did give birth to her! :) hehe! You are a wonderful mom, and we all have our weaknesses...really!
#2- LoVE LOVE LOVE the pic of Lily putting the oranments on...with the lights of the tree...PRECIOUS! #3- Jameson...sleeping as usual...way to go lil please wake up more during the day so your mama can sleep at night! :)
#4-Way to go AJ on the house...I drove past tonight and Josiah got all excited when he saw your house and really wanted to stop and see your Christmas tree inside...
#5-You are so blessed friend...LOVE Ya ! :)