Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Andrea's Bachelorette Weekend!

What a fantastic weekend we had at the beach!! It rained on our way there, but as we woke up to sunshine Saturday morning it just got better from there! We ate out, had lots of fun just talking and laughing, and shopping! I didn't take that many pictures....

Andrea and Elizabeth eating amazing dessert from Kyllos (we had dinner there Friday night)Wearing their new flip-flops from my sister and I. Our idea was to give the guests (it worked out that there were only 2 of them!) little presents at each meal throughout the weekend. At dinner, they received flip-flops and nail files. Of course I forgot to get pictures of the other gifts, but they got money at breakfast the next morning for shopping, and dinner that night was a cute note pad with pens, and breakfast on the last day was some beachy looking coasters and some cute cups. Just little gifts, but they were fun to buy-and give!The view from the deck of our beach house! The glare isn't so great, but it was soo pretty outside! We also went in the hot tub-no pics. of that either! Oh well :)Then, Sat. late morning we headed on over to the outlets-and we were there for 7 1/2 hours!!! Seriously! I couldn't believe it. We were there from 11-6:30. That's the loot from all of us put together. I have never shopped that long! And it was nice to not have Lily with me either so I could shop till I dropped! We were sure pooped! After regrouping from our long day we went and had dinner at McMenamins. They have the best burgers there! My sister and I-I've never thought we looked alike, but I can kinda see it here!

Elizabeth and Andrea-she's wearing a sash I made that says "Bride To Be" in rhinestone iron on letters. It was fun to make and fun to see her wearing it!

The Group (not many pictures of all of us together! It's hard to do!)

I do love hanging out with these girls because they love to watch the show "Friends" as much as I do! I brought along one of the seasons and we watched a few episodes at night. So nice to relax and be able to look out at the ocean! Then as if our shopping trip on Saturday wasn't long enough, we decided to hit the outlet malls AGAIN on our way home! We were only there for an hour that time though! I had such a fun weekend with these girls and am kinda sad it's over. It's exciting to know that Andrea's just getting closer and closer to her big day!


Family of 5 said...

What a fun weekend away! Look at those 4 pretty girls! ;) How great to shop for that long! That musta been a dream! I think I'm going to need a shopping day like that when Cami is done needing me! :) Sigh...that'll be the day! :) hehe! What fun!

Amber said...

It looks like you girls had a great time...what great memories! And I cant believe you shopped for that long...crazy girls! :)