Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lily's First Day of School

Last week Lily and I made a trip up to my sister-in-law (Andrea)'s school where she teaches to visit for a bit and have lunch with her. She teaches in Lake Oswego and it was a bit of a drive-mainly because I got lost! I'm TERRIBLE with Portland and it's surrounding areas and I hardly ever drive up there by myself! Anyway, I got off on some random exit to turn around because I realized I was too far! I basically got around to finding Lake Oswego through the back way and Andrea called me to see where I was because I was running so late! She walked me through it and got me there thankfully. We had such a good time and Lily did fantastic! She smiled at her class (she teaches 5th/6th grade split class) and they were really cute to her and would make faces at her to make her smile-and she did!

Standing on Andrea's desk in front of the class to introduce her. And she even smiled a little bit!

The class

Andrea walking Lily around the class

I love this picture! Those boys were so cute to her and were smiling at each other! She honestly looks interested in what they're doing!

Another fun picture! She was grabbing every pencil she could find! EEK :)

Lily loves her auntie Andrea! Too bad she again wasn't looking or smiling at the camera! I can't wait for the day when she will be fully trained to look and smile at me! :) We had a great time visiting her! And we actually just got back from her bachelorette weekend at the coast! We had such a fantastic time and I will post pictures of that later! And I know I keep changing my background, but I've had some people say they can't view the blog very well. So I hope this works better!


Family of 5 said...

Looks like she had a lot of fun! ;) Unfortunately she probably won't always enjoy school very much, unless she has a great teacher like Andrea! :) She looks like such a big girl in the first picture! Such a sweetheart!