Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This 'N That

So, I know I just did a post yesterday, but it seems I have no life tonight and want to blog again! Lily is actually sleeping soundly for the night and my husband is playing tennis with his friend who has a tennis court at his house! AJ's a bit obsessed with tennis right now. And of course there is nothing on TV so that leaves me with the computer. There is only so much "web surfing" I can do and I've actually got some pictures to share. So folks, here you go:

First of all, we bought a new couch! Well, not brand new, but new to us! A family we know that go to our church are re-arranging their living conditions and were wanting to get rid of some furniture. They had 2 identical leather couches and our good friends bought one of them. Well, I was at her house last week and loved it! She said the other one was still available. I immediately talked to AJ (who I never thought would go for the idea!) and he thought "sure." Ok, it wasn't an immediate sure. I had to coax him into the idea and after much talking and such we agreed to get it! (After of course, when he tells me that he thinks we'll NEVER buy new furniture! Seriously? So of course we had to get this couch because it was practically new!) Anyway, we love it and it's so nice in our house. It doesn't match all our stuff, but it's fabulous. And Lily loves crawling all over it and trying to stand up on it to look out the window. Plus, being that it's leather, easy to wipe off those Lily spills! Wow, that was a lot of talk about my couch-but it's fun.
Isn't it so nice?!
It's a dark brown color (the camera doesn't show it too well)

Then, last weekend. we headed on out to the farm (my aunt and uncle live on acreage in Turner and have horses and dogs) to celebrate some birthdays. My Grandma and Grandpa even came to town from Washington. Of course, the only pictures I manage to take are of Lily with the animals and no family-sorry about that.

A classic Lily face. She's funny to me. And we're getting her to walk in front of all the family

Look at her go! I LOVE this picture. She's walking from my sister into my brother's arms. They have the best looks on their face-plus, it makes me feel all good inside that they truly love their niece! And you can imagine how many cameras were going during all this!

Lily pointing to my aunt's new puppy-she's actually saying "dog" in this picture.

Puppies are fun! Although I'm not sure Lily is thinking so at this time

This is Gracie-isn't she cute?!

And playing on the swing set. That's a big pool in the background-we might just have to hang out there in the summer! If we ever get summer weather!

Well, I guess that's all the picture sharing I can do for now. My eyes are burning a bit and there's some 3 cheese garlic bread from Great Harvest that is sitting on the counter calling out my name! And I'm looking forward to this weekend because it's my sister-in-law's bachelorette party and we're staying at our beach house in Lincoln City! I love the beach-and this weekend will be fabulous because it'll be us girls (just 4 of us, a smaller crowd, but Andrea likes it that way and all the bridesmaids couldn't come) and eating out, SHOPPING at the outlets, and sleeping in! I'm so excited! I love my family, but it'll be nice to get away for a bit. My sister and I are planning it (her and Andrea are great friends too-because of me! Just kidding!) And I am happy to share I was a bit like Martha Stewart today in preparing for this weekend. I can't say how I was just in case Andrea comes across this blog before the weekend, but I'll be sure to take pictures! Just be praying for AJ who will be taking care of Lily all by himself! Really though, he'll be fine. He's so good with her and knows what to do I'm not worried. Although, I am typing out a list of what to do for her, feed her, etc. just in case he forgets. We know his memory isn't the best right now! =)