Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Rules for this tag: 10 pictures, take them right away-NO cleaning up first, and tag 3 friends!

#1 Favorite destination:
I'd have to say any sunny, beachy, warm water place!I'd really like to be there now!

#2 Self Portrait:
I HATE getting ready in the morning-it takes so much time. So today I opted for the "natural" look with curly hair-it's easy peasy for me to do!

#3 What are your kids doing right now?Sleeping!! I LOVE nap time! I usually get about 2 hours of quiet time for ME!

#4 My Closet
I think I need some help in organizing this! I'm a bit embarrassed in how it looks! Oh cleaning up first right?!

#5 My Laundry Room
It seems I've ALWAYS got laundry to do!

#6 The FridgeLots of sippy cups in there!

#7 My Favorite Room in the HouseThe Family Room-we always hang out here and I especially love it now with our new couch! (And new pillows-thanks mom!)

#8 The 2nd Bathroom
Small but useful!

#9 Kitchen sink
Usually how it looks-minus the dishes. I'm a bit obsessed with having a clean sink-I got caught red-handed!
#10 My Favorite ShoesI love these! My sister gave them to me for my birthday and they are super duper comfy-and a great sandal for the summer!
That's all! And I tag Jamie, Anna, and Amber and anyone else who wants to do this fun game :)


Palmer Family said...

I love your curly hair and for not getting ready you look awfully cute! Can I please look that cute when I don't get ready?? Love your new used couch! We got ours of craigslist so ours is a new used couch too! Oh and cute shoes!