Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy

First of all:


He is such a fantastic daddy to Lily and I love watching him with her. He loves playing with her, helping feed her dinner, giving her baths, and whatever else I need help with! He's the best!

And it just goes with this post that Lily loves her daddy. So much so that all she says throughout the day is "daddy". It's cute at first, but then I get annoyed because I want her to say "mommy"! Really, at least she's saying one of our names :) The other day AJ was working outside spreading some new bark dust we got and Lily could hear him. So she walked (yes walked!!) over to the door, sat down, and was banging on it saying "daddy". It was cute! Then as I'm trying to take a picture of her doing this she gets mad because I'm not taking her outside to AJ-which is why she's crying in this picture :) And after that, AJ is mowing our backyard and Lily walks over to that door and stands there the entire time watching him saying "daddy"! Here she is pleading with me to take her outside!

Then Friday night, I was at my sister-in-law's shower (it went fantastic! I forgot my camera of course, so as soon as I get some copies I'll scan them in and share them!) and I get home and AJ proceeds to tell me Lily got a high fever of 103 degrees! This is her first high one-we've been lucky. Anyway, she must have gotten some sort of flu bug because this fever lasted 2 days! It went down slowly each day, and today finally, she's pretty much back to normal. But I felt horrible that AJ had to deal with her sickness when I wasn't here! He did such a great job though and did everything wonderfully-putting a wet wash cloth on her head to cool her off, giving medicine, pushing liquids down her throat! It's been a long weekend because of her-but we've made it. So today for Father's Day we're laying low-which is what AJ wanted. But mostly because we're exhausted from her lack of sleeping last night! She was up 4 times-each within 2 hours. She was crying at 1:45 and her fever broke then, and then she woke up again at 3:15 am. OUCH! I stayed home with her today from church so she can rest. And AJ is loving laying on the couch watching golf-his kind of afternoon. And we're supposed to leave for Eagle Crest tomorrow with AJ's family, but we might postpone it a day to make sure she's feeling back to normal. So far so good! I just hope she keeps getting better and not worse because I'd love to get away for a bit!

So in light of all this, I'd like to say Happy Father's Day to my dad and also AJ's dad! ( I don't have a picture of him with Lily on my camera-I need to get one! Sorry!!)


Tiffany said...

How sweet Lily is! Norah is the opposite--she keeps saying "mamamama" and won't say "dadadada" yet. I was just down in Salem last weekend, sadly, because my grandma died. I thought about you when I went to Dutch Bros. coffee because I had read your blog post about them. Yummy coffee!


Momma G here...YOU ARE SO CUTE! Thanks for stopping by my ridiculous blog. NExt time you see me in Walmart, flag me down! Your little Lily is so yummy!